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Backs up all files in folders and subfolders, or just new and modified files
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November 20, 2013

About Backup Modified Files

This software is for backing up files in selected folders and their subfolders. It is network-compatible.The program can be told to back up only files which have changed since the last backup (thus saving time by not copying files unnecessarily). Prior to backup it will optionally give a report of all files which have changed (or are new) since the last backup.This software was developed based on the assumption that one normally wishes to back up several different sets of files and to do this frequently (perhaps every day). Thus it is possible to save a particular configuration or setup in a setup file. When you wish to do a particular backup you simply load the appropriate setup file and request the program to back up all files which have been modified, or are new, since the last backup.Backup operations can be saved in setup files and collected in a setups folder. Multiple backup operations can be performed at once by selecting setup files in the setups folder and telling the program to perform the corresponding backup operations.The program can also delete backup files, and there is an option to overwrite files before deleting if security is needed.

Changes in this version:

Improved operation, and can now backup/restore files with a specified extension.

System requirements:

A video resolution of 800x600 or better.

( By Hermetic Systems - Backup Modified Files Publisher )

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